Conscious art for every cause

Shivpat Studios aims to practice philanthropic art where giving back is always an option, while also exploring different mediums and art forms.

Art For A Cause

This collection highlights various social issues and the often unrecognized qualities that... 

  • Sustainable Packaging

    All work is packaged with materials that are biodegradable or can be recycled.

  • Consciously Made

    Uniquely handcrafted pieces made with extra love and care.

  • Giving Back

    Thanks to Shop for Good, you can select organizations to donate to at checkout. 

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Art for everyone

Mixed Media

Pieces that are made with more than two materials.

Digital Ilustration

Typically made with Illustrator or Procreate.


Created by hand, in acrylic or oil paint.


Collaborated artwork that is personal and meaningful to you.